The ultimate guide to wallpaper

Wallpaper can add an extra dimension to a room, one that you often cannot get from paint alone. If you are feeling stuck with how you can add some oomph to your bedrooms, lounge or bathroom look no further than a feature wall with a textured wallpaper.

What wallpaper should I choose?

With so many wallpaper options these days the possibilities are endless as to what you can do. Looking to add a bit of expensive class to a hallway? We suggest a flocked wallpaper design. Originally created in the 17th century this look creates an effect that looks like the velvet hangings. This adds some serious class and interest to a once boring space.

But if this style isn’t for you, then maybe something a but more minimalist like a neutral grain wallpaper. This can add a hint of texture to a wall without being too over the top.

Why should I choose wallpaper?

Other than it looking great, wallpaper is a perfect choice as it is durable and cost effective. When done right wallpaper can last over 15 years, which is actually 3 times longer than paint. It can also be used to hide wall imperfections, without having to fork out big to get those imperfections fixed. And to top it off it adds to the longevity of your walls as it acts as a protective layer, saving you more in the long run!

Why you should choose DJ Parkyn?

When it comes to wallpaper we are the experts. You want to ensure that your wallpaper is being put up correctly to get the most out of it and ensure it lasts. We have been in the industry for over 15 years and not only have the skills but the attention to detail. We ensure every project is to the best of our ability!