Wallpapering vs. Paint Spraying: Perfect Finish for Your Christchurch Home

Choosing the right method to beautify your Christchurch home can be challenging. Wallpapering and paint spraying are two popular options, each with its own merits and drawbacks. In this guide, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both techniques to help you achieve the perfect finish for your Christchurch abode.

What is Wallpapering?

Wallpapering involves adorning your walls with paper or fabric. This timeless method offers a plethora of design options, from classic motifs to contemporary textures. While the application of wallpaper to walls may require more time compared to painting, the long-term benefits make it a cost-effective choice. Wallpaper has the potential to endure for up to 15 years and even beyond, outlasting paint by a considerable margin. The general consensus is that well-installed wallpaper can offer a lifespan three times that of paint. Its seamless adherence to walls effectively conceals various surface imperfections, providing a smooth and flawless appearance.

Pros of Wallpapering:

  1. Diverse Aesthetics: Wallpaper provides an extensive range of designs, allowing for personalized and unique spaces.
  2. Imperfection Concealment: It effectively hides minor wall imperfections, resulting in a polished appearance.

Cons of Wallpapering:

  1. Labor-Intensive Installation: The process can be time-consuming, and professional assistance may be required.
  2. Limited Versatility: Changing wallpapers can be cumbersome compared to a fresh coat of paint.

How does Wallpapering Work in Christchurch?

Christchurch’s climate can influence wallpaper adhesion. Adequate surface preparation and the use of quality adhesives are essential to ensure the longevity of your wallpaper, especially in a city with varying weather conditions.

What is Paint Spraying?

Paint spraying entails using a spray gun to apply a fine mist of paint onto surfaces. This method provides a smooth, even finish, with options for various paint types and colors. Preparing a surface for painting is typically simpler, particularly when using non-reflective paint, which excels at concealing imperfections. Additionally, painting over existing paint, especially if it remains in good condition, is a more straightforward process.

Pros of Paint Spraying:

  1. Efficiency: Paint spraying is a quicker method, covering large areas in less time.
  2. Even Coating: It achieves a seamless and uniform finish without visible brush strokes.

Cons of Paint Spraying:

  1. Masking and Preparation: Proper masking is crucial to avoid overspray on adjacent surfaces, and thorough preparation is required.
  2. Skill Requirement: Achieving a professional finish may demand some skill with the spray gun.

How does Paint Spraying Work in Christchurch?

Given the diverse weather conditions in Christchurch, paint spraying can be adapted to ensure optimal results. Professionals may use weather-resistant paints and techniques suitable for the local climate.

What Type Of Paint Is Best For Walls?

Choosing the right paint is critical. For Christchurch homes, weather-resistant and durable paints are recommended to withstand the city’s unique climate conditions.

Hiring a Professional

Both wallpapering and paint spraying benefit from professional expertise. Enlisting skilled professionals ensures proper installation or application, enhancing the longevity and appearance of your walls. D.J.Parkyn Painting and Decorating can help you, they are careful to follow industry best practice and use the right paint systems with the appropriate preparation and undercoats.


In the Wallpapering vs. Paint Spraying debate, the choice depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and the specific needs of your Christchurch home. Consider factors such as design flexibility, maintenance, and climate resilience to make an informed decision, ensuring the perfect finish for your living space. Whether you opt for the timeless charm of wallpaper or the efficiency of paint spraying, the goal is to create a home that reflects your style and withstands the test of time.