Wallpapering Services

From designer wallpaper in a bedroom to textured or feature wallpaper in a lounge or entranceway, we know how to hang.

There’s an art to successfully hanging wallpaper, and it’s not something every painting company can do. But we can – we’re professional Christchurch decorators, after all.

Christchurch Wallpapering Services

Welcome to our premier Wallpapering Services in Christchurch, where we transform spaces with exquisite wallpaper wall decor. Elevate your home with our expertly crafted house wallpaper designs, adding a touch of sophistication and personality to every room.

From stripping off the old wallpaper to completing any repairs the wall underneath might need. From advising what style of wallpaper will suit the space to making sure the wallpaper patterns align.

Can you tell we love wallpaper?
But which wallpaper is right for you?

For instance, vinyl wallpaper is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom since they both have to contend with lots of moisture. For bedroom wallpaper, or lounge, or hallway, a non-woven paper or fabric roll will be suitable. But don’t worry — we can help you choose the right kind of wallpaper for your home.

Then comes the decision of what colour, pattern, or picture will be on the wallpaper.

If you’d like to make a statement in your master bedroom (or even guest bedroom) a bold, repeating print wallpaper could be the winner, Or perhaps a soothing, floral wallpaper to help set a relaxing mood?

Set the tone in your entranceway or hallway, with colours and lines to draw the eye further into the house.

For a child’s bedroom, they could be the envy of their friends with an engaging mural wallpaper: deep space, forest, or savannah theme, for instance?

With access to an enormous range of modern, designer wallpapers, perfect for any home or commercial property’s decor, when you think wallpaper in Christchurch, think DJ Parkyn Painting and Decorating.

Our Wallpapering Services Offer

Professional Installation:

  • Our skilled craftsmen ensure precise and seamless wallpaper installation, creating a flawless finish for your walls.

Diverse Wallpaper Options:

  • Explore a vast range of wallpaper designs suitable for every style and preference, from classic to contemporary, ensuring the perfect match for your home.


  • Tailor your wall decor to your unique taste with our customizable wallpaper options, allowing you to create a space that truly reflects your personality.

Expert Guidance:

  • Our experienced team provides expert advice on choosing the right wallpaper designs to complement your existing decor and enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.


It’s not recommended to hang new wallpaper over existing wallpaper. Sure, that would eliminate the need to remove the old wallpaper, but the new layer is likely to pull the old sheets off the wall or at least create bubbles. Not good.

It depends on the type of wallpaper – is it untreated/uncoated wallpaper or vinyl/laminated wallpaper? How long has it been on the wall? And what tools do you have access to? You might need a scraper or two, or even a steamer. (It will be easier if you let us remove the old wallpaper for you – we have all the right gear).

The easy answer is yes. As professional decorators, we are experienced in all aspects of wallpapering so, before you decide on a full renovation, ask us to inspect the damaged area. Depending on its severity, a repair might be all you need to get your wallpaper looking great again.

Good news – you don’t have to! Paint and wallpaper work well in tandem to create beautiful interior spaces. Paint a room and wallpaper a feature wall? Wallpaper a hallway and paint the skirting? Options aplenty!

We hang wallpaper every day. We’re efficient at it. We have the tools for it. We’re good at it. And we know what will look good on your wall – just ask us for advice and a quote.

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We can manage your entire project by coordinating sub-trades, scaffolding, access platforms, roof edge and floor protection – which prevents disruptions and ensures quality workmanship.

You have the peace of mind of the Master Painters New Zealand Association and Site Safe. Why? Because we care about the safety of our team and the quality of your completed project.

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From designer wallpaper to textured or feature wallpaper, we know how to hang.

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