Driveway Painting Services

Painting your driveway, paths and paving extends the life of your concrete, preventing discolouration and wear.

Driveways have it rough. They are exposed to the full force of our harsh Christchurch weather, repeated pounding by heavy vehicles plus the occasional fuel leak or oil spill.

Our Driveway Painting Works

No wonder your concrete driveway can begin to look a bit worse for wear after a time. But just because the concrete surface is faded, stained or dirty it’s no reason to think it has no life left in it. DJ Parkyn Painters and Decorators know just how to make it look as good as new.

That driveway discolouration and wear and tear can be masked by quality concrete paints and stains. They also extend the life of the concrete by preventing additional damage, and driveway painting makes cleaning and ongoing maintenance even easier.

There’s another benefit to driveway painting – it adds value to your property. Especially when the colour you select works in harmony with the property’s existing colour palette and landscaping.

What’s more striking than walking up to the front door of a home or business when the owner cares enough to look after every element of the property, including the driveway and off-street parking?

What We Offer

Driveways, paths, paving, porches, patios, garage floors, asphalt, water tanks, block fences – we have the right tools, the ideal paint and the experience needed for your next concrete painting project.

Concrete Driveway Painting

Elevate your home’s curb appeal with our expert concrete driveway painting service in Christchurch, a promise to not only rejuvenate your driveways but also ensure your residence stands out, capturing attention from the very first glance.

Garage floor painting

The garage often gets overlooked when it comes to enhancing the overall aesthetic of a home. Some may perceive it as requiring too much effort or investment for minimal returns. However, with DJ Parkyn garage floor painting service, you can effortlessly transform this often neglected space into one that is both functional and visually appealing, without compromising on safety and practicality.


We can paint and protect any concrete surface. Driveways, paths, paving, porches, patios, garage floors, asphalt, water tanks, block fences – we have the right tools and the ideal paint for the job.

You’ll need to find a place to park your car for about a week – that’s how long concrete paint takes to set. Before we start, we’ll do our best to make sure the weather will be favourable for that period.

Not at all! We’ve an extensive selection of colours to choose from – we’ll help you select just the right one to compliment or match your existing house or commercial property colour scheme.

Bare concrete can collect dust and dirt, which you then track into your house. A painted surface is not only much easier to keep swept and clean, but it looks great too.

Good thinking! If you’re planning on painting your patio, driveway or path, then why not consider ways to entertain the kids? Hopscotch, four square, even targets on block walls – we can paint it all.

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DJ Parkyn has got you covered.

Benefit from our solid reputation for painting and decorating excellence across Christchurch and Canterbury.

We can manage your entire project by coordinating sub-trades, scaffolding, access platforms, roof edge and floor protection – which prevents disruptions and ensures quality workmanship.

You have the peace of mind of the Master Painters New Zealand Association and Site Safe. Why? Because we care about the safety of our team and the quality of your completed project.

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