Deck Staining Services

Staining your deck or patio or paling fence protects the timber from the elements, helping it last longer.

Your timber decking needs regular care and attention to help keep it looking great. An essential part of deck maintenance is either staining or oiling all the wood.

Deck Staining Services in Christchurch

Because we work with Christchurch decking every day, we sometimes forget that protecting your deck can be confusing for homeowners. Let’s reveal the key deck care points!

1. Decking oils come in both clear (natural) and colour options. They are designed to soak into the timber’s surface grain and protect your wood decking from within. Decking oils have high concentrations of oil and wax which make the boards resistant to water and dirt.

2. Decking stains coat the surface of the deck. They come in a wide range of colours and work to protect the timber by sealing it away from the weather and dirt. (It gets a bit confusing when coloured decking oils are sometimes labelled as ‘decking stain’).

3. Oils have excellent square metre coverage and can be rainproof in around 4-8 hours after application. They work from within to prevent cracking, splitting and warping of the boards, and may also include UV filters to protect the decking timber from UV damage.

4. The final colour of the deck oil can be impacted by the colour of the decking timber. (We can advise what the likely colour outcome will be).

5. Decking stains provide a highly durable layer of protection from both the weather and foot traffic. The colour pigments help reduce the impact of UV rays. Stains also provide good surface coverage, and many are quick drying. Deck stain also looks great on handrails and spindles.

6. Applying a stain to your deck discourages mould and algae from growing on the deck surface.

If you’re unsure about which decking product to use on your deck, please do get in touch.


What do you want from your decking? Is the goal to improve how the deck looks, or to make the wood last longer? Or both? In general, a stain helps the deck look better and an oil helps preserve the condition of the wood. But there are exceptions, and combinations. And then there are UV inhibitors. Best we have a chat about your deck to help you pick just the right product.

The answer depends on what product you’ve used and the conditions the deck is exposed to. A water based or non-water-based oil will need applying every 12-24 months. If you’re reapplying a transparent stain, an annual application will keep it looking good whereas a solid pigment stain lasts longer, with three to five years between treatments. But in each case, excessive wear from feet and weather will require more frequent applications.

No. A stain works by bonding a coloured pigment into the wood. Trying to add an oil over the top will leave the oil puddled on top of the already-sealed timber. Instead, re-stain your deck. The easiest option is to use the same colour. If you’d prefer your deck to be a different colour, before you get started, consider what colour will result in blending two different shades of stain.

Dirt, debris and plant matter can be swept away with a stiff broom. For timber that’s been covered by mould or moss, sweep away the surface material with the broom then treat the wood with a mould and mildew cleaner, following the product instructions. Depending on the deck, it may need two treatments.

We sure do! Think of your paling fence as a deck that’s standing vertically – it’s still made of wood so it benefits from the protection a stain can give it from the elements. Not only is a properly stained fence ready to offer your home years of protection, but the fence stain colour you select can really compliment your home and garden. We have all the gear to take the hassle out of fence staining.

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